Our Projects for 2018
In State  June 9-14, 2019

First Baptist Church Boonville

Address: 625 Main St, Boonville, MO 65233

Phone: 660.882.6404


Youth Pastor: David Evans, 509.948.0111, email: devans40@liberty.edu

The church wants to provide a new area for their youth.  They have chosen a present basement area to remodel to achieve this.  The new area has already been demolished and is ready for our service which will include:

            Removing concrete and pouring new concrete for drain lines

            Install plumbing drain line for kitchen and bathrooms

            Install above-floor plumbing and fixture for said

            All new electric for lights and outlets

Wood stud walls

Drywall and finishing


FBC has a relatively new Family Life Center which includes a very adequate kitchen and adjoining gym space for meals.

There will RV hookups on-site; housing will be made available; local hotel lodging.

Out of  State
Monday, July 28 - Friday August 2, 2019
Currently in communication with a church but all the details are not yet worked out.  
We will post additional comments as they become available.  ch
Updated 1/26/2019