questionFrequently asked questions 
Q: What skills are needed?
A  If you can sweep floors; we have a place for you.
         If you can move materials; we have a place for you.
         If you can paint; we have a place for you.
         If you can cook; we have a place for you.
         If you are a carpenter; we have a place for you.
         If you are a plumber; we have a place for you.
         If you are an electrician; we have a place for you.
         If you can finish drywall; we have a place for you.
         If you can install vinyl siding; we have a place for you.
         If you can install windows and doors; we have a place for you.
         If you can teach VBS or Backyard Bible Study; we have a place for you.
         If you can SEW(?); we have a place for you.
Q: What can I expect?
A:  Expect to be blessed.  Expect to work hard, eat a lot, enjoy the company of other Christians and be richly blessed.  We don't get together for "barn raisings" in this country any more, so this group gets together for "church raisings".   To spend a week in the fellowship of other believers as you work to build God's kingdom, is a rewarding, satisfying experience you will not soon forget.
      We warn you up front: there are very few "one timers".  After the first trip, most people can't wait to come back year after year.
     We also have some photos of what we do on our "OUR PAST PROJECTS" page.  You can get some idea  of what it is about.
Q: What about food and meals?
A We cook and serve 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  Several of our ladies have a ministry dedicated to feeding and serving the workers.   They serve 14 meals from Monday morning through Friday noon.  The food is plentiful and delicious.  We always eat together.
Q: What about housing?
A It is humbling to remember the Lord is sending us in answer to the prayers of the host church.  That they want us there is shown by their welcome.
1.) Some of us stay in the homes of members of the host church. 
2.) Some of us stay in the church building itself by bringing our own cots, air mattresses, blankets and pillows.
3.) Some of us stay in our RVs.  The church normally provides hookups for us while we are there.
4.) Some of  us stay in local motels in the area. 
Q: What about costs?
AThere is a $10 administrative cost per family and $40 per family member for food costs for the week.  Each family is responsible for their own transportation to and from home as well as any hotel/motel expenses incurred.
Q: What about fellowship?
ABe prepared to work, build friendships and share laughs.  For 5 days we work, eat and socialize with each other.   At meal times we build friendships with people we have not been working with during the day.  Each evening we have a devotional, prayer time and maybe share a few laughs.  

Q: What about the SEWING?
A: And it is a very important part of our ministry. The spouses of some of our participants are not comfortable working at a construction site. Since they did not want to be left out, they formed a quilting and sewing group which makes quilts and crafts for nursing homes or for auction at different events. They bring their own sewing machines and material and while their spouses are out working at the jobsite they produce their beautiful handiwork.

Q: Why do we go?
A: Since our beginning in 1989 we have encouraged participants to answer this question. The simplest answer is 'to share the love of Jesus'. But there is as many other reasons as there are participants. Some just enjoy the fellowship and good times. Some like the hard work and sense of accomplishment. Others meanwhile like the travel and meeting different people. Hopefully, all of these honor Christ as we serve Him through service. But we do encourage you to ask the question "Why am I going?" and answer it yourself. We think that knowing the answer gives a greater sense of accomplishment at trips end.

Updated 11/17/2009