The old church building in Rawlins
New church building when we arrived
John Pettitt and __?__
John "on the wall" Shuler
Break time for some people
Maxine Price; Earnita Shuler; Jim Phillips
The Ballentines, the Humbles, the Gilloglys and the Phillips
Macey; Goldie; Phyllis; Maxine; Jim; Charles; Deane; J.R.; Alverta; Mary Lou
John, Marilyn and Cassie; Mary Lou and Dave Richerson; John, Kendall, Earnita and Johnita Shuler
The Kinkeades; the Thompsons; the Browns; Deloris Turner; Ann Eads
"Cooking crew"
Kinkeads, Katie, Lois, Phillips, Darlene, Carl and Mary Lou
Chow time
Earnita and Johnita
Goldie Linville doing devotion
Howard Gillogly; Ed Humble; John "on the wall" Shuler
Marilyn and Johnita's VBS class
Happy Birthday
The New Church