Old church building
New church building
The roof gang
Even the children help
Denny Ball; Barbara Nichols
Giving our blessing to the new building
The Circle Prayer
John and Marilyn Pettitt
John Pettitt
Don Gillogly; Dean McArthur
John Shuler; Garry Nichols
Bible verses on every doorway
Don Collier
Putting up soffitt
Dean McArthur on his knees
Hanging sheetrock
Bob Simpson
Smile John
Don Collier
Dean McArthur
Lacy Gillogly
It's been a hard day
One of many meals
Garry, Jacob and Barbara Nichols telling a big tale
Steve and Debbie
Lets talk about the problem
Beautiful Idaho
More of the same
Suppertime is one of my favorite times
Rosalie and Barb Nichols
Salute to the cooks
Back to work