Local Church Choir
Sunday morning Worship service in new building
VBS with Jean Carroll; Carol Gillogly; Sue Harris
Marilyn Pettitt; Wilma Brewster; Alverta Dishman; Helen Welch; Ruby Davenport
Luther Dameron; David Richerson
Lets hang some drywall
J.D. Althoff, C.O. Balentine; Denny Ball; Alverta Dishman; Wayne Brewster; J.R. Dishman
Denny Ball; C.O. Ballentine
J.R. Dishman
Katy Ballentine; Susan Honse; J.D. Althoff; Gerald Honse
Devotional Time
Verla LaChance; Linda Ball; Duane and Jill McCormick
David Richerson; C.O.Ballentine; J.R. Dishman
Robert Simpson; Polly Griffith; Carol Griffith
Charles Votipka; Norm Beeman
Howard LaChance; J.D. Althoff
It's hot up here
John and Marilyn Pettitt
Katy Ballentine; Jill McCormick